2021 Yerrington 300

Our car, Clay Henry, was rebuilt by Bradford Racing out of Arizona, and not only are the Bradfords world-class car builders but they are also an incredibly kind and welcoming family of folks who willingly took Team Bajagoats under their wing and agreed to have us out to some of their races and teach us the ropes. In early September, a handful of goats made their first journey to an offroad race and helped out Team Bradford as they took on the Yerrington 300 in Yerrington, NV just outside of Reno.

Over the course of 3 days, we learned what a full race experience looks like, from prep to inspection to parade to the actual event, with all of the ups and downs involved. Our biggest learnings this time out came in the form of communications, as we learned how to coordinate activities between base, car, and chase teams as well as safety, as we learned procedures and execution of pit stops, car inspection, refueling, and repairs. Ultimately, we also learned how hard it is simply to finish some of these events, let alone try to win them as a series of issues from flat tires to broken fuel lines eventually ended the race early for the team.

We’re incredibly grateful to the Bradfords for their willingness to let us come along and learn from them, treating us like family throughout. We hope to make them proud as we progress in our own adventures ahead.